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During the meeting held in the Estancia Infantil Don Rafael Ramos, featuring the attendance of 45 mothers. Dr. Natascha Morera served as special guest, by hosting a special forum on skincare, and rewarded several women with a goodies bag full of skincare products.

Empowerment dynamics and recognitions to different mothers in our town, as well as delivery of gifts such as beds, stoves and washing machines to mothers of low-income households.

Another meeting took place in Guauci, in the Los Ciguitos district, featuring the attendance of over 50 mothers whom received advice from psychotherapist Paola Grullón, principal at the Centro Educativo Andamios, whom also hosted a space titled “How to manage your children”, and interacted with the attending public.

Also, doctor’s visits were made to mothers in need; such in the case of Angela González, mother of two girls, both of them leukemia patients and suffering from special motor skill development conditions; González was aided with medication and food.

Mrs. Minga is a special mother residing in the La Española district; she was awarded with a fan.

Mrs. Maria Balbuena Mayún, a visually-impaired mother of five (5) children, resides in Los López, and she was awarded with a queen-size bed.’

Luz María Sosa is a mother of three (3); she resides in Las Flores and was also awarded with a bed on occasion of Mother’s Day Celebration.

María Concepción Gómez lives on Calle Corazón de Jesus; she is a mother of two, and she received a stove.

Paula Diloné is a native from Monte de la Jagua, and she won a washing machine.

Carmen García resides in las Flores, and she won a stovetop.

All mothers also received other goodies such as: Supra Intimate Douche, cookware kits by Plásticos Bellín and Agroindustrial Wilse.



Grupo THERRESTRA, a tourist development pillar of the Dominican Republic, present at FITUR 2018

Parte del talento de Therrestra formó parte activa en la Build Build & Conference de Jamaica junto a numerosas personalidades.


Therrestra wows the public in the Build Expo & Conference Jamaica 2017, by winning “Best Stand”

Parte del talento de Therrestra formó parte activa en la Build Build & Conference de Jamaica junto a numerosas personalidades.


Excellent Engineers

Our EXCELLENT ENGINEERS (*official name in Spanish: INGENIEROS EXCELENTES) program, is the result of our in-house philosophy, the company’s driving force since its inception. The program features tactical actions set towards positioning THERRESTRA as the standard name with respects to talent, an essential tool in any company that is prompt, effective and excellent in its attention to detail, in the Caribbean.

The actions we carry out are:

  • Framework agreements with the two main universities of the Dominican Republic in the field of Engineering: INTEC and the PUCMM. Said agreement establishes:
  • Promote the insertion of the best Engineering students from both universities. These can opt to form part of the THERRESTRA team by way of a part-time contract, thus accessing a series of compelling advantages, such as access o training courses or graduate degree scholarships.
  • To develop joint initiatives, such as carrying out the THERRESTRA EXCELLENT ENGINEERING DAY (*official name in Spanish: JORNADAS DE INGENIERÍA EXCELENTE de THERRESTRA), a job fair co-developed and/or sponsored by the Company and the University in joint venture.
  • Thorough in-depth development of:
    • EXCELLENT ENGINEERS AWARD to the best Senior Engineering Student Thesis Project
  • Creation of the THERRESTRA School of Engineering
    • Agreement with INTEC and PUCMM to teach extracurricular real-world construction training courses by the THERRESTRA Management Team, headed by Hugo Pérez Ovalles.
    • EXCELLENT ENGINEERS Budget to complement their training, or graduate degree scholarship programs to all collaborators already in the THERRESTRA Talent Roster.
    • Access to THERRESTRA ALUMNI, a community framed within the same core values practiced by the company: Talent, Flexibility and Trust, aimed to former and current company collaborators, as well as other parties. This community will be formalized through a website that will share recommendations, success stories and statements from the Therrestra public. The community will also be accessed by students that choose to enroll in the EXCELLENT ENGINEERS Program.