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Grupo Therrestra at ITB Berlín 2019

Therrestra, a leader in the construction sector of the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean, helped promote Tourism as a reliable tool to help materialize the tourist development projects of the country, amid the celebration of the most important Tourist Trade Show in Germany, The International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin, Germany.

Seizing the occasion, the Sales Manager for Therrestra, Pamela Pérez, explained that the tourist sector is one of the main levers of the economic development and a key partner of the construction and development sector, hence why, attending an event of this magnitude represents a great opportunity to do business networking and expand the customer portfolio.

The event featured the presence of some 10 thousand companies, from 184 companies worldwide, among them, some 30 companies were from the Dominican Republic, and an estimated attendance of 11,3500 business visitors.


Grupo Therrestra gives donation to the Cibao Rehabilitation Trust, through its Moca branch

Grupo Therrestra delivered its contribution to the Patronato Cibao de Rehabilitación (*The Cibao Rehabilitation Trust) through its Moca Branch, in the telethon hosted by the former, set on raising funds so the organization can continue offering its rehabilitation services to the most sensitive sectors of the municipality.
“Honoring our commitment with society, we engage in ensuring the continued development and services that the Trust offers the community”, so expressed Hugo Pérez Ovalles, Therrestra CEO.

The telethon, which is hosted annually on Televiaducto, Channel 58 in Moca, raised a total of RD$1.3MM this time, so that this health facility can continue to optimize its rehabilitation services.


Therrestra Materials Lab is inaugurated in the PUCMM Santiago Campus

A new materials lab will help train hundreds of Engineering students in Santiago. This practice space, hosted in the PUCMM University’s Santiago campus, has been made possible thanks to the interinstitutional agreement underwritten between the University and Grupo Therrestra, a company that aims to help facilitate the readiness of student talent within the engineering field, and tailor it to the needs of the current job market.

This lab facility will be used by hundreds of future civil engineers, whom will receive practical trainings every year, as well as preparedness sessions in asphalt and concrete, and compression; as well as storage of aggregates and drying. This is a classroom that will provide students with the necessary skills for the proper execution and rollout of all testing methods in the different areas of the construction sector, abiding by current norms. “To us at Therrestra, it makes us immensely proud that students will improve their academic training in a safe, modern space, which has been developed to meet the competitiveness and criteria of the international market”, as was explained by Hugo Pérez Ovalles, Therrestra Founder & CEO

The inaugural event for the lab, was headed by presbyter Dr. Alfredo De la Cruz Baldera, PUCMM Chancellor, and Hugo Pérez Ovalles, Therrestra CEO, as well as members of the Fundación Madre y Maestra, members of the Board of Directors, Department Heads, faculty and civil engineering students.

The facility, designed by Dominican architect Oscar Almánzar, Head of Planning for the PUCMM University and developed by the construction company CIMET SRL, features an approximate construction area of 156.25 m2 , and a ground-floor and dual system structure.


Grupo Therrestra awards academic excellence to Architecture graduate

Grupo Therrestra, awarded the academic excellence to architecture graduate, Gleydis Betzaida Santos Jáquez.

The 21yr old is a Cum Laude graduate from the PUCMM University and registered 4 years ago for her architecture major by applying for the educational credit program for her higher-learning studies.

The Therrestra Award to Excellence, paid RD$500,000.00 to the graduate, to cover her pending credit balance in the academic organization, plus an immediate job offer, hence making of this graduate, a role model to the other students. “Gleydis is proof that excellence can only be achieved with drive, a trademark of all our team members which is made evident in all projects we manage in the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean”, as was explained by Hugo Pérez Ovalles, Therrestra CEO, and creator of this award.

Our company is committed to upholding this award and granting it yearly within the terms comprised under the inter-institutional agreement underwritten with the PUCMM, which seeks to aid in the preparedness of university talent, so the latter can enter the job market with the best skill set.


Grupo Therrestra will improve skills set of future engineers at INTEC

Our company leads in the design, construction and oversight field for tourist and residential developments in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, donated RD$5,000,000.00 to the Santo Domingo Technology Institute -INTEC-, to better their Engineering Lab facilities, in which they receive around 2,000 students per annum, all of them majors in Civil and Industrial Engineering.

Through this initiative, we help foster that all future professionals that enter the job market, do so with the best-developed skills set. “College is the knowledge foundation stone of any professional”. Hence why at Therrestra, we are certain that by improving the practice spaces, these upcoming professionals will be better-trained, for when the time comes to meet the needs of competitive businesses such as ours”, so said Hugo Pérez Ovalles, Therrestra CEO.

In the TH Construction Materials and Ground Mechanics Lab, students will be able to assess all technical features, physical-mechanical, chemical and durability properties of all construction materials, to ensure the reliability and safety of same, as well as due compliance of all norms and regulations, locally and abroad. “This lab will feature the best equipment for physical testing, something that will greatly influence their professional practice as future engineers graduated from INTEC”, as was explained by Rolando M. Guzmán, INTEC Chancellor.

This donation forms part of a framework agreement underwritten between both organizations, which includes joint research projects, support to the INTEC Infrastructure Master Plan, joint training programs, as well as the establishment of the “Therrestra Award to Excellence” for Civil Engineering students.


Grupo Therrestra will help make Club Med a dream come true in Miches

Grupo Therrestra, led by Hugo Pérez Ovalles, has placed its service, reliability and talented hallmark at the disposition of the prestigious Club Med hotel chain, to help develop its most luxurious and prestigious development in the Americas region, to be developed in Miches, in the El Seibo province.

The hotel, located in Punta Hicaco, will be located some 6Kms away from Miches, and will comprise a total 129 rooms and a modern main building to be developed by Therrestra.

Since Miches is a new niche where the prestigious French hotel chain, known for offering premium all-inclusive vacations had set its sights on, it has entrusted Grupo Therrestra, one of the most renowned construction companies in the Dominican Republic, whose construction experience expands around the entire Caribbean and whose services have been sought-after by the main hotel brands operating in the region.

In this sense, the Therrestra CEO, grateful for the conferred-upon trust to once more, develop ambitious and strategic tourist developments in the Caribbean,  pointed out that “with the development of Club Med in Miches, we are writing a new chapter in the promising future of the Dominican Republic, by staking on attractive and interesting new tourist poles such as Miches, especially in the luxury tourism market. A delectable showcase for millions of visitors worldwide”, Pérez Ovalles concluded.

The project, whose groundbreaking took place and featured the attendance of President Danilo Medina, on May 3rd, is scheduled to open by late 2019. The new Club Med development in the area, a Therrestra development, represents the start of a promising partnership for tourism in the coming years, by developing an area such as Playa Esmeralda.


Hugo Pérez Ovalles: The mastermind behind Therrestra

The history of our country is full of admirable names, all of them whom left their mark on this earth. We study the lives and work of these men at school the moment we learn to read, and we make of them the role models to follow and emulate, as aspiring good citizens. However, history nowadays continues to write itself; there is another class of men and women, that though they’ve not been called to arms to defend their Fatherland, as was back then, today, they are an example for their hard work, their success, their dignity and honesty.

The town of Moca, home to great Dominicans since its inception, is the homeland of Hugo Pérez Ovalles, a pioneering forward-thinking man, whom championed his own battles with effort, and hard work, becoming who he is today. The mastermind behind “Therrestra”, a leading construction company, at the service of tourist, residential and commercial development projects, specialized in project design, construction and oversight in the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean.

Therrestra is currently present in the Dominican Republic and in Jamaica, currently generating 2,000 jobs.

Also, the company is registered in Aruba, St. Maarten, Saint Lucia, Cuba and the U.S.

Through this interview, today we will learn a little more about the way of life of someone that came from nothing and has no intention of stopping.


1- Did you ever dream or believe you’d become a construction entrepreneur?

When I was a boy, I dreamt of becoming a cabinetmaker or a baker. There was a bakery right in front of the house. Dream of becoming an engineer? Never. Renowned entrepreneur? Never

After I graduated, and like any engineer, I dreamt of having a 3M3 Tipper Truck, a Mixing Cone, a Vibratory Compactor and maybe build two houses per year.


2- Moving between two worlds, as are construction and business, would you say this is your calling? How did you learn this?

Professionally speaking, it doesn’t matter what you do for a living, because you will never see it separate from business. The two go by the hand. Developing a good construction, is doing good business, for present times and the future.

I think my calling, though I must confess I am terrible at self-marketing, I am somewhat crass in that sense, is that I am tireless, I’m limitless. I strive responsibly for what I believe is right.


3- You’ve been responsible for important developments, hence achieving recognition in a very competitive field. What is your secret?

In anything you do, there must always be something extra, that special touch that sets you aside from the rest. Our secret is: Good pricing, good execution, good project management, trimming, accountability and timely delivery, before the deadline. Bottom line, the key is the details, it’s all in the details.


4- What do you believe your company is yet to achieve?   

Not settling is part of human nature. We always want more. We want to continue working to become a standard and example all throughout the Caribbean, of what Dominicans can achieve. We’ve got the skills, the technique and the drive for it.


5- What would you like to accomplish that could be considered your greatest contribution to society?

For instance, the day that Freddy Beras-Goico died, every citizen, the State, all of us in unison, mourned his passing. My belief is that when our time comes, the country, your province, your town or slum, name a street, a park, build a bust or anything in your honor, then your time on this Earth will not have been in vain. We want to be the standard and ambassadors of hard work, of the Dominican Republic.


I am, because we are!!

Mainstreaming, unity and teamwork were the pillars that our CEO, Hugo Pérez Ovalles, wanted to set deeply in the annual Therrestra Offsite Day, seeking to drive positive impact and results in all team members through a series of energy-driven and dynamic offsite meets, nuanced with lots of team-building activities. These dynamics served as the driving force to build harmony and rapport among all.

Over 10years making big ideas a reality!!

Thank you all!


Grupo Therrestra sponsors TH Athlete 2017

As part of its CSR program, Therrestra seeks to strengthen sportsmanship in the Moca municipality, one way thereof, is the establishment of the TH Athlete Award, which was awarded this year to Jean Carlos López Moscoso.

Therrestra CEO, Hugo Pérez Ovalles, stressed the high development these provincial athletes are experiencing thanks to the support received from the community and its organizations. “I feel proud that my efforts have been noted and having been distinguished as the best athlete was a complete surprise. I want to thank Therrestra for the award and for believing me worthy of it”, López said.

This is not the first award the young Moca-native receives, he also received the “Best Soccer Athlete”in the 2018 Olympic Gala.
The award ceremony took place in the Teatro Don Bosco of the Moca municipality and was organized by the UDEPE.


Grupo Therrestra is awarded “Business of the Year”

The Espaillat Province Sports Union (*known by its official name in Spanish: Unión Deportiva de la Provincia Espaillat -UDEPE) awarded Grupo Therrestra with the 2017 “Business of the Year” Award.

Julio Taveras, Chairman of the UDEPE, stressed the great work Therrestra and its CEO, Hugo Pérez Ovalles have been carrying out in the construction field and in their CSR program. “To us, it is an honor for organizations such as UDEPE, to distinguish the hard work and effort invested in each of our projects, as well as in the contributions we make to better the community”, Pérez explained.

The UDEPE serves as regulator entity of all sports associations established in the province, so that the latter commit to developing the sports discipline they represent.

La actividad se llevó a cabo en el Teatro Don Bosco del municipio de Moca, donde estuvieron presentes miembros de UDEPE, Grupo Therrestra y líderes en el sector deportivo.



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