Our talent is the most important asset we count with at Therrestra; because of that, we held up a bonding activity with the slogan “I am because we are” with our collaborators in Jamaica. In the Caribbean country, Therrestra is putting vast efforts to develop several touristic projects.

To create an atmosphere of bonding and trust, and also, to preserve our commitment to treasure the importance of each one of our collaborators, we carried out numerous activities focused on: constructing solid teams, people knowing each other, generating empathy and trust, bonding, and improving communication skills.

“If a group of people is faced with a challenge, the result (beside the achievement of goals) is a greater union between the members of the team, and that is what we are looking for”, said Hugo Pérez Ovalles, president and founder of Therrestra.

At Therrestra we are conscious that on solid foundation grows the path of trust and closeness, bringing noticeably greater results.