Making Great Ideas A Reality!

Since 2004, THERRESTRA has transcended from an efficient company into becoming a mindset, where a cluster of engineering and construction professionals, inspired by CEO Hugo Pérez Ovalles, unleash their talent, adapting to the clients’ needs.

We encourage and promote a consolidation of the best engineers in the Caribbean to preserve, through its people-oriented philosophy, those professionals who are capable of innovating, adapting and generating a unique trust in the market.

Unmistakable Trust

We continue proving ourselves reliable, by providing satisfactory outcomes since the beginning, with promptness, quality and excellence in detail.

Renovation & Construction

Here in THERRESTRA, we devote ourselves to achieving the clients’ satisfaction by basing every step we take in a reliable construction offer.

Grupo Therrestra News

Why choose us?

Our team works in synergy, with the goal of achieving excellence in every developed project.

We focus on ensuring the quality of every service we offer our clients.

We focus faithfully on meeting all set deadlines

We meet all contracted obligations, while we surpass all our clients’ expectations.


Our work philosophy is aimed towards paramount quality, continuous improvement, innovation and customer satisfaction.


We take all matters concerning Safety, Health and the Wellbeing of all involved parties very seriously. This way, we seek to create a safe and sound work environment.


Currently, we feature over 200 professionals in our roster, and this has helped create some 4,000 direct employment opportunities in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.