Social outreach project in Moca, in the Espaillat province, will receive sponsorship for their long-term development. The Therrestra CEO, reached an agreement with Moca deputy mayor Judith Valdez, to work together on those outreach programs that cause positive impact over the most vulnerable segments of the population.

“I was born and raised in Moca, and its development and wellbeing has always been something close to my heart; hence why my interest in cooperating with an CSR program”, Mr. Pérez clearly stated.

The company will prioritize on those programs aimed towards early childhood and youth.

“We are deeply thankful to Therrestra for wishing to work together, promoting programs and projects, aimed specifically to early childhood, youth outreach, and community leadership”, Mayor Valdez said.

The programs developed by “NJ Productora” (*NJ Productions) will serve as medium to give visibility to these community efforts in Moca.


About Grupo Therrestra

Construction company founded in 2004, with the sole aim to offer civil work construction services. Specialized in the design, development and oversight of tourist, residential and commercial projects in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, creating 4,000 direct employment opportunities all throughout the region.

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