The junior and senior year students at the Educare Educational Center in Moca, welcomed the Grupo Therrestra Founder & CEO, Hugo Pérez Ovalles, as part of the framework agenda agreed by the CEO and the school headmistress, Olga Espaillat, where potential joint ventures were looked over to favor and bolster learning among the student body.

Pérez Ovalles, a Moca native, stressed the importance of proper skills-building, and the efforts to be made during our schoolhouse years, to aim towards a competitive labor market. “Now is their time to work hard; to work for what they want. To be well-prepared to face the real world”, Pérez Ovalles said, while having a vis-à-vis with the students.

On his behalf, the Therrestra CEO met with Judith Valdéz to identify social outreach programs where Therrestra can lend a helping hand to those in the province requiring assistance through actions that aim to improve their wellbeing.

About Therrestra

Therrestra is a construction company, founded in 2004 with the sole aim to offer civil construction development services. Therrestra specializes in the design, construction and oversight services for tourist, residential and commercial projects in the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean. Its 200 direct employees, oversee projects in Jamaica, Saint Lucia and the Dominican Republic, hence creating 4,000 job opportunities within the region. Therrestra is registered in Saint Maarten and in Aruba.