The Espaillat Province Sports Union (*known by its official name in Spanish: Unión Deportiva de la Provincia Espaillat -UDEPE) awarded Grupo Therrestra with the 2017 “Business of the Year” Award.

Julio Taveras, Chairman of the UDEPE, stressed the great work Therrestra and its CEO, Hugo Pérez Ovalles have been carrying out in the construction field and in their CSR program. “To us, it is an honor for organizations such as UDEPE, to distinguish the hard work and effort invested in each of our projects, as well as in the contributions we make to better the community”, Pérez explained.

The UDEPE serves as regulator entity of all sports associations established in the province, so that the latter commit to developing the sports discipline they represent.

La actividad se llevó a cabo en el Teatro Don Bosco del municipio de Moca, donde estuvieron presentes miembros de UDEPE, Grupo Therrestra y líderes en el sector deportivo.