As part of its CSR program, Therrestra seeks to strengthen sportsmanship in the Moca municipality, one way thereof, is the establishment of the TH Athlete Award, which was awarded this year to Jean Carlos López Moscoso.

Therrestra CEO, Hugo Pérez Ovalles, stressed the high development these provincial athletes are experiencing thanks to the support received from the community and its organizations. “I feel proud that my efforts have been noted and having been distinguished as the best athlete was a complete surprise. I want to thank Therrestra for the award and for believing me worthy of it”, López said.

This is not the first award the young Moca-native receives, he also received the “Best Soccer Athlete”in the 2018 Olympic Gala.
The award ceremony took place in the Teatro Don Bosco of the Moca municipality and was organized by the UDEPE.