Our company leads in the design, construction and oversight field for tourist and residential developments in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, donated RD$5,000,000.00 to the Santo Domingo Technology Institute -INTEC-, to better their Engineering Lab facilities, in which they receive around 2,000 students per annum, all of them majors in Civil and Industrial Engineering.

Through this initiative, we help foster that all future professionals that enter the job market, do so with the best-developed skills set. “College is the knowledge foundation stone of any professional”. Hence why at Therrestra, we are certain that by improving the practice spaces, these upcoming professionals will be better-trained, for when the time comes to meet the needs of competitive businesses such as ours”, so said Hugo Pérez Ovalles, Therrestra CEO.

In the TH Construction Materials and Ground Mechanics Lab, students will be able to assess all technical features, physical-mechanical, chemical and durability properties of all construction materials, to ensure the reliability and safety of same, as well as due compliance of all norms and regulations, locally and abroad. “This lab will feature the best equipment for physical testing, something that will greatly influence their professional practice as future engineers graduated from INTEC”, as was explained by Rolando M. Guzmán, INTEC Chancellor.

This donation forms part of a framework agreement underwritten between both organizations, which includes joint research projects, support to the INTEC Infrastructure Master Plan, joint training programs, as well as the establishment of the “Therrestra Award to Excellence” for Civil Engineering students.