The Association of Supplies and Candy Wholesalers for the Espaillat Province (Asociación de Mayoristas de Provisiones y en Chuchería para la Provincia de Espaillat) gave recognition to the founder and president of Therrestra, Hugo Pérez Ovalles, as mocano1 of the year at its yearly event. The event reunites the tradable and corporate industries of the province and recognizes the meritorious work of industrial and commercial figures, that by their job and dedication contribute to the development and growth of the area.

The Association of Supplies and Candy Wholesalers has 54 years of experience, while the Association of Supplies and Candy Wholesalers for the Espaillat Province has been active for three decades; jointly, both organizations have over 80 members, whom decided unanimously the value of Pérez Ovalles because of his collaboration in the progress of Moca and the province.

“Hugo Pérez Ovalles as head of Therrestra, is an extraordinary force that represents a source of employment for the youth of the province. Helping the graduates become part of the labor market serves the local development and also helps bring wealth to the province”, explained Juan Manuel Polanco, president of the association.

The engineer thanked and expressed how honored he was for being recognized by his town and highlighted the importance to contribute to the province he was born in. “The Dominican talent represents the success of our projects. That is why collaborating with them to help them become part of the labor market, is a small step to create a better country”, assured Ovalles.

The associations also gave Esteban Ferreira the Industrial Excellence Award and Fredy Fernández the Business Excellence Award.


mocano1 Person native of the town of Moca, Espaillat.