The 2 de Mayo Rotary Club issued a recognition to Grupo Therrestra, for its extraordinary contributions towards the entity, helping towards a better governance for the 2017-2018 term.

Edward Paulino, Rotary Club chair, stressed the great work Therrestra and its CEO, Hugo Pérez Ocalles, have done and continue to do towards the wellbeing of the Moca community. “This is proof that when people whom share a vision come together, great results are only the beginning; this is our goal at the Rotary Club, and it is also Therrestra’s goal”, Paulino explained.

The 2 de Mayo Rotary Club is an organization which gathers people whom are committed towards acting and making a difference through social labor in the community.

The event took place in the Don Bosco Theatre, in the Moca municipality, where several members of the Rotary Club, community leaders of Moca and team members of Therrestra were among the attendees.