Therrestra, in its mission to continue contributing towards the development of promising young talent, collaborated during the XXIV Industrial Engineering Seminar: “Innovate, Create and Transcend” (*official name in Spanish: Innova, Crea y Trasciende), organized by the Industrial Engineering Students Committee (CEII) Of the PUCMM University, in their Santiago campus, where students had the opportunity to listen and learn about all international trends currently applied in the sector, through the experiences of over 40 international speakers.

Hugo Pérez Ovalles, Therrestra Founder & CEO, stressed that events of this nature “provide additional skills, as well as insight into current events, which are being taught to all Engineering and Science students alike”

The seminar featured the attendance of over 550 people, among students, field professionals and businessmen -all of them open and willing to expand their levels of technical expertise-, with the sole aim to offer all attendees, avant-garde ideas and knowledge from the technical, financial, manpower, internal organization, resource mobilization fields, as well as market know-how.

About the PUCMM:

Privately-owned catholic educational entity, at the service of the community. Founded by the Dominican Bishops Conference, on September 9th, 1962. The PUCMM University if a higher-learning institution, which focuses on academic excellence, and is an equal-opportunity -open to all persons, regardless of their race, social standing, ideologies or religious beliefs- academic entity. It focuses on the scientific search for solutions that respond to the social problems and demands of the common good.


About Therrestra

Construction company founded in 2004, with the sole aim to offer civil work construction services. Specialized in design, development and oversight of tourist, residential and commercial projects in the Dominican Republic, as well as the Caribbean, by creating 4,000 job opportunities region-wide.