A new materials lab will help train hundreds of Engineering students in Santiago. This practice space, hosted in the PUCMM University’s Santiago campus, has been made possible thanks to the interinstitutional agreement underwritten between the University and Grupo Therrestra, a company that aims to help facilitate the readiness of student talent within the engineering field, and tailor it to the needs of the current job market.

This lab facility will be used by hundreds of future civil engineers, whom will receive practical trainings every year, as well as preparedness sessions in asphalt and concrete, and compression; as well as storage of aggregates and drying. This is a classroom that will provide students with the necessary skills for the proper execution and rollout of all testing methods in the different areas of the construction sector, abiding by current norms. “To us at Therrestra, it makes us immensely proud that students will improve their academic training in a safe, modern space, which has been developed to meet the competitiveness and criteria of the international market”, as was explained by Hugo Pérez Ovalles, Therrestra Founder & CEO

The inaugural event for the lab, was headed by presbyter Dr. Alfredo De la Cruz Baldera, PUCMM Chancellor, and Hugo Pérez Ovalles, Therrestra CEO, as well as members of the Fundación Madre y Maestra, members of the Board of Directors, Department Heads, faculty and civil engineering students.

The facility, designed by Dominican architect Oscar Almánzar, Head of Planning for the PUCMM University and developed by the construction company CIMET SRL, features an approximate construction area of 156.25 m2 , and a ground-floor and dual system structure.