During the 2019 edition of the Preferente forum, in which Grupo Therrestra participated as sponsor, our president and founder, Hugo Pérez Ovalles, affirmed the biggest challenge of the tourism in the Dominican Republic is the cooperation between the public and private industries to achieve sustainability in the medium-long term. 

In the Preferente Forum 2019, event that reunites the most internationally highlighted actors of the tourism, Ovalles considered that the sector has to bet for a commercially distinguishing offer.

“Is a bet on the local attributes the Dominican Republic has, and added to this the quality and excellence of the projects being done with the same rigor of international companies”.

The XXVI edition of the Preferente Forum centered on the tourism challenges of the next decade. In the occasion took part Gabriel Escarrer (CEO of Meliá Hotels), Encarna Piñero (CEO of Grupo Piñero) and Rodolfo Núñez (VP of Binter). Throughout the event the importance of taxes and rates during recession times was discussed, as well as the effect of these on the intermediary industry.