Civil Engineering majors from the PUCMM Santiago campus, will soon have a new lab space, of 166m2, to carry out their practices at school.

Grupo Therrestra made the groundbreaking to formally kick-off the construction of the new Materials Lab, which will serve as venue for Soil compaction, asphalt and concrete studies. Also, the lab will feature storage facilities for aggregates, sun-dried and cured materials.

Therrestra CEO, Hugo Pérez Ovalles, is a PUCMM alumnus (BsC- Magna Cum Laude), and he stressed that his vision is to help students access employment opportunities the moment they graduate. “To return to my alma mater and be able to contribute with this expansion project for the Engineering majors, by letting them know we support them, is my main goal”

The Deputy Academic Chancellor, Daniel Suriel, stressed that the lab project is just one of the many partnership agreements underwritten between Therrestra and the university. “This agreement covers for all Civil Engineering and Architecture majors to participate in all tourist developments under execution by Therrestra. Also, the establishment of the Premio Therrestra a la Excelencia (*The Therrestra Excellence Award”) which will distinguish the academic performance of these students, by covering the tuition costs of their educational credits”.

About Grupo Therrestra

Construction company founded in 2004, with the sole objective to provide civil work construction services. Specialized in design, development and oversight of tourist, residential and commercial projects in the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean. Therrestra generates 4,000 employment opportunities in the region. @grupotherrestra