Though the holidays are near, we mustn’t forget those whom need us the most. These days are essential to promote the core values that strengthen our ties of union and connection with our environment.

It is precisely one of these environments where Grupo Therrestra maintains a special closeness to; the communities in the Espaillat province. On December 10th last year, our group didn’t want to miss out on the chance to collaborate closely with the Patronato contra el Cáncer (*Cancer League) of Espaillat, by promoting closeness and reinforcing this initiative with the best antidote possible: Happiness, Joy, Love and the support from all.

All attendees enjoyed the luncheon and Christmas presents sponsored by the company, actions fostered by a joyful and sound initiative, with hopes to contribute to their recovery, and wishing all cancer patients a Happy Holiday Season with their closest relatives.

About Grupo Therrestra

Therrestra is the philosophy resulted from a cluster of Professionals in the fields of Engineering and Construction, inspired by its CEO, Hugo Pérez Ovalles, whom since the first day bestow all their talent, trust and capacity to the service of all tourist, residential and commercial investments in the Caribbean, that demand promptness, quality and excellence in detail.

Grupo Therrestra was founded in 2004 to offer services in Civil Construction Works. We specialize in Design, Construction and Oversight for Tourist, Residential and Commercial Projects in-country and in the Caribbean. Currently, our 200 direct employees execute projects in Jamaica, Saint Lucia, and the Dominican Republic, by generating 4,000 job opportunities in the region. We are also registered in Saint Maarten and in Aruba.