The Dominican Chamber of Construction (*known officially in Spanish: Cámara Dominicana de la Construcción) (CADOCON), issued a special recognition to Therrestra, during its annual initiative of the Construction Companies Award. Leading representatives of one the national economy’s main driving forces, as is the construction industry, celebrated their XI Construction Company Awards, under the mandate of its current chairman, Cristian Ciccone, whom stressed the development and progress attained by the construction sector in the last three years, alluding that these have been times of absolute and percentage growth in history.

One of the awards went to Therrestra, through a special recognition, highlighting its trajectory and value-adding proposition in the Caribbean region, before numerous and distinguished representatives of the Dominican construction sector.

About Grupo Therrestra

Therrestra is the mindset created by a cluster of Engineering and Construction professionals, inspired by Hugo Pérez Ovalles, whom bestow all their talent, trust and commitment at the service of all tourist, residential and commercial investments in the Caribbean, which demand promptness, quality and excellence in every detail.

Therrestra was founded in 2004, with the sole objective of offering Civil Construction services. We focus on Design, Development and Oversight of tourist, residential and commercial projects all throughout the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Currently, our team of 200 direct collaborators are developing projects in Jamaica, Saint Lucia and the Dominican Republic, by creating some 4,000 direct job opportunities in the region. Therrestra is also registered in Saint Marteen and in Aruba.