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Grupo Therrestra contributes with renovations for the Moca rehabilitation and correctional facility.

Aiming to renovate and improve the facilities hosting the La Isleta Correctional Facility and Rehabilitation Center in Moca (CCR), Therrestra contributed with the renovations of several of its structures.

The correctional facility, thanks to its reinsertion model, is the #1 penitentiary facility nationwide, featuring 680 inmates, and approximate headcount of 180 employees.

Therrestra representatives, Angel Paulino and Beatriz García, alongside media personality and deputy mayor of Moca, Judith Valdez, partook in the formal event, alongside Albin Lantigua, representative of Pinturas Tropical, whom also contributed with the renovations.

The CCR warden, Bernardo Henríquez, thanked all for the donations and showed their support towards the center’s new phase.

About Grupo Therrestra

Construction company founded in 2004, with the sole objective to provide civil work construction services. Specialized in design, development and oversight of tourist, residential and commercial projects in the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean.


Grupo Therrestra; An unconditional ally of ASONAHORES

En Grupo Therrestra no hemos querido perdernos un año más la cita que cuenta con el apoyo del Ministerio de Turismo.


Therrestra receives special recognition from CADOCON (2016)

La Cámara Dominicana de la Construcción otorgó reconocimiento especial a Therrestra.