As part of Therrestra’s social work responsibilities in Moca, we have restored the children’s visiting lounge at the Rehabilitation and Correctional Center La Isleta, for remanded and convicted prisoners to be able to share with their children in an adequate space.

Bernardo Enríquez Maldonado, director of the correction center, thanked Therrestra for its collaboration to help the inmates bond with their families. “Is a safe space that contributes with the interaction of the interns with their children”.

The goal is to give the inmates the opportunity to reintegrate into society while performing their role as responsible parents.

The center operated under the modality of the New Model of Penitentiary Management. It is one of the 13 centers that develops a wide production of agricultural and poultry goods to be consumed by the inmates. The surplus of the production is offered to the local market. The income obtained is used to purchase food, medicine, and other materials that are used to raise farm animals and growth of vegetables.